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I. What is Tesol

TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is an international certificate of teaching English for English teachers who is teaching in countries using English as a foreign language.




- TESOL provides learners with advanced, application oriented teaching methods that are not as academically oriented as some other teacher training programs. With TESOL training, teachers will be prepared and directed to classroom situations as well as a flexible classroom arrangement that mixes and integrates language application activities into the lecture itself, It helps students to be active and excited to receive lectures in class as well as easily apply the practical situations into the actual communication environment.

- TESOL is a certificate in teaching and widely used in more than 80 countries and is accepted by more than 1000 schools and language centers around the world so participating in professional training and getting a TESOL certificate, learners can find the best job opportunities in any countries in the world.

- In Vietnam, TESOL certification has become a requirement for teachers (both Vietnamese teachers and native speakers) to teach English at professional training institutions, to ensure that teachers have the skills and effective methods according to international standards.

III. TESOL courses

1. TESOL students:

The TESOL course is suitable for those who have or do not have the experience of teaching English but who are fluent in English and want to become a professional English teacher in accordance with international standards. TESOL courses are not limited to age, nationality, race, gender or teaching experience.

  • Vietnamese teachers are teaching English at educational institutions.
  • Students, students of English language schools (may not specialize in English pedagogy).
  • You are qualified to attend the course, want to improve on international standards and intend to become an English teacher.

At the end of this module, students will have an assessment and classroom presentation. If successful, students will be awarded the International English Teacher License by the International Council of Teachers.

2. Form of enrollment:

  • Individuals or groups who wish to participate in the course will contact directly with our branches.
  • After receiving the information, AMA Hai Phong English will consider the conditions with each trainee and can interview the trainees in necessary cases to ensure the conditions of the course.

3. Form of studying: In class (with native speaker), self-taught and online learning with instructors.

4. Advantages: Students can study anytime, anywhere, on a voluntary elective ,when finish they can be sent to our TESOL office via online media.

5. Outcome: Students receive a TESOL certificate with a transcript.

6. TESOL course consists of 2 parts:

Part 1: Foundation TESOL Course

The Foundation TESOL Course (5-day course) is a compulsory course for participants. This is an introductory course which is very important for students to have the knowledge and skills to follow the next course.

Duration: The course covers 60 hours, including:

  • 32 hours of instructional methods in class and instruct students to be effective.
  • 12 hours of practice on methods of lesson planning, teaching methods, standard presentation method.
  • 16 hours reviewing the material and taking the final test of the first part of the course.

After the end of Part 1 of the course, students will be eligible to teach English in more than 80 countries around the world. Specifically, the curriculum, materials study around the topics:

  • Teach English abroad
  • 40 methods and effective approaches to teaching English in the classroom
  • Conversation, pronunciation and communication
  • Listening, speaking, reading and writing
  • Teaching methods and teacher training
  • Phonetics and linguistics
  • Grammar review
  • Communication method
  • Create activities during the learning process
  • The method of maximizing interaction between students and teachers
  • International standard pedagogy
  • Optimal use of video in teaching
  • Teaching methods have the application of music, songs, and media
  • Teaching philosophy (positive attitude, humor)
  • Useful information and tips on teaching / working / traveling abroad
  • Cultural shock
  • Find a job teaching English abroad
  • Link, make connections between people in the profession
  • Teaching methods / tutoring suitable for the region
  • TESOL and the Internet

Part 2: 60-Hour elective course (s)

Upon completion of the Foundation course, students continue their 60-Hour elective course (s). This course helps learners to improve their English for specific purposes and opportunities in the international teaching environment.

60 hours of elective course (s) will be conducted via online form. The student has a one-month period to complete the program as of the end of the 1st semester (Foundation TESOL Course).

7. List of 15 elective topics:

  • English Teaching Methods for Children (Grade 1 and Grade 2)
  • Elementary English Teaching Methods (812 students)
  • Teenagers English teaching methods (aged 1319 students)
  • English teaching method for adults
  • English for IELTS and TOEFL test takers
  • English tutoring method
  • English for International Business
  • English grammar
  • English used in customer service
  • English Tourism Travel
  • English for Medicine
  • Teaching ESL in the country
  • Teaching Grammar
  • Independent TESOL study
  • English Service sector

IV. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why do I need a TESOL certificate?

If you are good at English and want to become an internationally recognized teacher, you must have a TESOL certificate. Certificates are used in 80 countries around the world.

2. What do you study in the TESOL course?

- Techniques and innovations in teaching methods

- How to make the classes lively, fun and effective

- How to interact with students and create excitement

- Enjoyment in teaching

- Guide how to organize effective group activities

3. Course and certificate are internationally recognized?

The course is recognized by 80 countries.

4. Why choose the TESOL Program?

TESOL qualified and experienced trainers will be equipped to become confident and competent trainers. You will be trained to teach English confidently at schools in different countries.

5. Student support

All trainees and graduate students will have access to TESOL teaching materials to support their TESOL needs and serve for FREE later. The graduate students will also have access website providing essential information on the country and field list are to be recruited.

V. Technical issues

Do not use the computer well

Just basic computer skills to complete the course and do the search on the internet. We have a lot of students who are not good at computer skills and Internet but can complete the module online.

Do I need a computer and if so, what kind?

Learning will be more convenient if you have your own computer, but if you do not, you can borrow your friends or use it at Internet cafes to download and save. If you have then do not need to be the best computer! If the computer can connect to the Internet is enough to use.

Do I need any special software?

The software needed is Adobe Reader, this is free software (most of the computers are installed) and you can download it from You also need the Microsoft word program if you would like to submit your work by email.


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