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IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a test that covers all four skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

The test has a scale that assesses the English comprehension and proficiency of applicants.

IELTS is a prerequisite for an individual to apply for admission to a university or post-graduate degree, or to attend a vocational training course, seeking a job, or migration.


What is the benefit of IELTS CERTIFICATE?

a. For High school students:

  • The condition of exemption English of high school graduation exam: IELTS 4.0 or higher will be exempted English from the graduation school exam.
  • The recruitment condition of some universities in Vietnam: IELTS 5.0 or higher is a condition of direct enrollment in some universities.
  • Supplement to the scholarship application, the opportunity to be supported 100% tuition fees.

b. For University students and employees:

  • IELTS is a great advantage when applying for the top companies.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use the four skills of English and improve personal competitive advantage.
  • Supplementary to the Master's / PhD scholarship application, the opportunity to receive 100% tuition fees.

It is an advantage for students to participate in international student exchange programs and work in the international environment in the future.

The IELTS Preparation Course is designed to give you the confidence you need to succeed in your way achieve the IELTS Certificate.

Even if you have learned English but still be not confident in speaking and writing skills.

Or do you think that you have lost the root completely and have to learn from the beginning? Believe in yourself, IELTS 8.0 is not too difficult if you are determined and have the right method.

At AMA Hai Phong, we understand that each individual has different characteristics, so the IELTS Preparation Course is a course designed for you, tailored to the starting point, learning speed and receptivity of each person.



The IELTS Preparation Course at AMA Hai Phong will be divided into four stages (depending on the level of student input):

    •  Phase 1: Foundation

  • Build vocabulary and structure.
  • Target: Prepare well to be ready for phase 2.

    •  Phase 2: Skills Building

  • Practice listening, speaking, reading, writing and critical thinking in a tailor-made route.
  • Target: Ensure the development of skills for the IELTS test.

    •  Phase 3: Speed Up

  • Train for the good use of skills, tactics and apply it in the sample exam.
  • Target: Get the highest score in the IELTS test.

    •  Phase 4: Advanced Skills

  • Practice to get maximum score in the skills: Listening and Reading;
  • Have a deeper training in critical thinking.
  • Target: Get maximum score in the test; have the better outline, present coherently and clearly ideas.

In all four phases, students will learn Active Learning so that you will be familiar with the modern classroom models that being applied at US universities, such as: 1-to-1 class, discussion, group seminar, personal project.

Learners are developed thinking, have a multi-dimensional view on the same problem, not be shy and afraid, become confident and actively promote their strengths.

Benefits of the IELTS Preparation Course:

    •  1- to-1 class (Face to Face)

  • Practice English-American pronunciation with native teachers, correct pronunciation defects as well as other skills.
  • Guide to the development of skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.
  • Learn professional working style of American.

    •  Active Learning

  • Students are free to choose the right course according to their schedule, not to coincide with the other plans, when students are absents, they will be not deducted from the total number of hours.
  • We believe that: "Students should only learn when their psychology is comfortable to get the best results."

    •  Diversification/ Personalization Curriculum

  • Use exclusive curriculums, materials on a variety of topics: science, the world history, music, film, etc.
  • Students are taught International Standard English. The lessons are designed on a variety of topics, in a variety of field to provide a rich vocabulary for students.

    •  Ensuring the resuits of outcome.

  • Develop bilingual thinking.
  • Build important skills such as: presentation, analysis, synthesis, teamwork, management.
  • Students are ensured the IELTS result as committed or their own.



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