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Effective communication in English is crucial for a company to be successful business. Using English properly is an absolute must In assessing the level of the workforce. A recent figures shows that:

 Candidates who are able to communicate in English have a 75% chance of succeeding in applying for positions in local companies and international companies.

 Good English speaking candidates have a 35% higher income than those who do not speak a foreign language despite of same years of working experience.

 English proficient communicators can express their ideas confidently when meeting foreign partners and have ablility to integrate into new environments easily.

In order to support the trainees in improving their English speaking skills, AMA English Language Center in Haiphong has designed an ALCE course with flexible program and timetable with updated syllabus.

With a different style of classroom organization and operation, ALCE will give learners more time and opportunity to practice listening and speaking skills. The 1:1 face-to-face gives students’ opportunities to interact with native speakers. Learners can also study in group of one foreign teachers – five students to practice speaking English.



With a team of 100% foreign teachers who are well qualified and experienced, AMA foreign teachers are recognized by international organizations. They are enthusiastic and responsible teachers.

AMA Hai Phong always improve the curriculum to bring interesting and useful knowledge to students. Students will have the opportunity in finding jobs after attending the ALCE English Communication course at AMA Haiphong.

 Developing comprehensive communication curciculum to improve your listening/speaking skills and your pronounciation.

 Improving vocabulary in the areas / specializations that serve your current job.

 Increasing accuracy in the use of vocabulary and grammar.

 Improving soft skills including writing email, giving presentation, interview, etc.

 Learn and work more professionally, confidently in international work style.

 Flexible timetable: Students can attend classes any time of the day, any days of the week.

Good English communication skill is a prerequisite for global integration.



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