What should a résumé contain?

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A résumé cannot be complete if you omit the following documents and notes:

1. A letter of application:


Chuan bi ho so xin viec


The letter of application is a good chance for you to express your expectations in the most sincere way. In your letter of application, you need to show why you want to get that job and what qualifications make you suitable for the recruiter’s requirements. Moreover, the benefits that you can bring to the company as well as your promises, your guarantees can help you go to next rounds.

Currently, there are many samples of letter of application available online, but you should make it by yourself to express your enthusiasm and all of things you want to introduce. You should spend time on taking care of your letter of application, including: the alignment, the clearness, the brevity and the spelling mistakes. If you possess the great handwriting, you can totally write it.

2. A curriculum vitae (CV):


Chuan bi gi cho bo ho so xin viec


Your CV is the key which helps you impress recruiters as well as makes you really different from other candidates. It is also the good opportunity for you to show off all of your effort, experience, knowledge and skills which have been accumulated for long time. Your CV should provide your personal information, interests, education, skills, professional experience and achievements. In addition, the modern and well-looking layout and color printing of your CV also act as the impressive factors with employers because of your careful preparation as well as your serious consideration with the job.

Although there is a lot of information which needs to be included in the CV, you should not make it too long. It is advisable that everything be clear, understandable, out of spelling mistakes and under two-page long.

3. Relevant degrees and certificates (notarized):

Your certificates play an important role in proving your qualifications and abilities. When you look for jobs, make sure you have many notarized copies, which will be submitted to different companies if necessary. The certificates which are related to hiring requirements and are easy to create your advantages should be prioritized.

Specially, do not forget to include your foreign language certificates (if any) to your résumé in order to shorten the process of testing your foreign language level from the company you apply to. Currently, many businesses give requirements of IELTS, TOEFL iBT, or TOEIC to their job vacancies as mandatory. Therefore, possessing a foreign language certificate not only creates many advantages for you in the hiring process, but also opens many job opportunities as well as participation in projects after you are received to the company.

4. A letter of reference (If any):

There is no more convincing evidence than having a letter of reference from a reputable person or from the company you used to work at. These documents will be translated into English if the destination you are directing to is a foreign business. They should also be kept carefully to be enclosed with the résumé at any time.

We hope that you have had valuable information you needs and that you will have success in the path of making your dream come true!


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