UPDATE - A change in the official IELTS score

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The British Council is pleased to announce two changes to the British Council's IELTS Test Report Form, which will commence on April 1,

  • The Centre Stamp seal and the Administrator signature are seals and electronic signatures printed directly onto the transcript.
  • Center Stamp seals are black instead of red as old transcripts.


bang diem thi IELTS moi


Some important notes regarding the new form of IELTS transcripts:

  1. This is an official British Council IELTS scorecard and has been accredited by the Cambridge Examination Board.
  2. This transcript is of international value.
  3. This is the official British Council official transcript. British Council DOES NOT encourage the notarization or duplication of IELTS transcripts issued by the British Council to ensure the authenticity and integrity of the results.
  4. If candidates need to submit additional transcripts to accreditation bodies by IELTS, applicants should ask the British Council to send their IELTS scorecards directly to these institutions. Please refer to the additional Test Report Form for the IELTS test results at this link.
  5. If the organizations requesting the IELTS score have any questions about the authenticity of the IELTS scoreboard issued by the British Council, please contact the British Council International Programs

Source: British Council


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